Acupuncture Treatments

My intention in providing an acupuncture treatment is to help you return to a state of balance and self-connectedness, to come closer to identifying your reason for being human.

In a session, I identify which dimensions are out of balance and then decide how to proceed. It’s not any of the thousands of named disease names I’m primarily concerned with, but rather the state of the person before me.

This is the only work that is about me, my condition, my situation, what I’m experiencing. Everywhere else, someone is trying to lay a template on me, transpose their system onto me. There may have been some correlation, but it didn’t really serve me. This does.
— M.B.

You inform me, from your wrist pulses and from the disposition you are presenting on a given day, which treatment will best help balance your five dimensions.

At the end of the treatment, you experience that balance; your body remembers its most natural condition.

To help you maintain this realignment outside the treatment room, I may provide diet and lifestyle recommendations, instruction in self-handwork or self-moxa, home remedies, or dispositional healing.

With repeated treatments, the balance becomes anchored as you gravitate back toward your original nature. Physical healing follows. If I think I am unable to help you, I say so as soon as I feel certain of this.

What I ask of you: to commit to a regular treatment time at a frequency to be determined by your condition, and to adhere to diet and lifestyle guidelines with the understanding that you constitute 90% of the healing.

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