Phone Sessions

Reconnecting with Our Life Will

Each of us has a unique life’s purpose. But identifying and adhering to this core dimension of our lives becomes increasingly difficult as our material-scientific civilization turns ever more fevered. Without our purpose at the center of our lives, our days become directed by what lies outside ourselves. The further we move away from our original nature, the more angry and frustrated we become.

A long, long time ago our ancestors lived according to their original nature, but even so, they occasionally lost their way. When they did, it was because they had disconnected from their life will. In those days, it took only a few words from another human being to help them realign, whereupon their lives again became effortless.  

I am certain, after a lifetime of searching, that our health and happiness are contingent upon reconnecting with our life will. This requires we turn our attention within. I discovered how challenging this task is in the treatment room and in the classroom, where attention is riveted on the practitioner or the teacher. “Will he fix me?” or “Will he deliver the secret teaching today?” become insurmountable obstructions to the real jewel.

To cut through such obstructions, I have arrived at a method for helping people distinguish and stay attuned to their life will. We meet by telephone, sans Skype, where the temptation to look out is unavailable. With attention turned inward, boundaries of responsibility clarify, and, best of all, a long-lost way for human beings to connect, a way that makes one’s feelings and emotions more accessible, begins to reawaken. It is these feelings that guide us in making moment-by-moment choices that align with our life will. In the sessions, you will learn how to employ the essential tools for returning to your full human capacity.

My role in this process is vital, yet I am but 10%. Progress is contingent upon adhering to a strand that emerges in our work together and that helps illuminate the life will. To facilitate adherence to that strand, at session’s end I assign a focus for you until the next time we meet. Please be aware that these are not talk sessions, nor are they psychotherapy sessions. My intention is for you to employ these tools outside of our sessions in your daily life for the healing to be realized.

When we are again in touch with our life will, we become our own oracle. We are clear about how to proceed, step by step, because our way is no longer veiled by distraction.


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