Phone Session Q&As

Q. How long is a session?

A. Approximately fifty-five minutes.

Q. What goes on in a session?

A. We search what’s keeping you out of touch with or disconnected from yourself, and concentrate on closing those gaps. All the while, I’m instructing you in how to employ the tools for releasing your disposition and accessing your original nature. The ultimate aim is to help you realign with your life’s purpose on an ongoing basis. Toward the end of a session, I assign something for you to focus on until our next session.

Q. Why might I want to start phone sessions?

A. If you are experiencing any of the following, a series of phone sessions could help clarify and shift things:

  • Feeling stuck, jammed--in a project or in life

  • Living from anxiety, rage, fear, or any other negative affect

  • Filled with self-doubt

  • Feeling you don’t fit in this world, are not being accepted or embraced

  • Wonder about or have lost a connection with your life purpose

Q. When shouldn’t I do a session?

A. This work is not for everyone, or perhaps not for everyone at a given point in time. If you have the following inclinations, you probably would not benefit from the phone sessions:

  • Looking for a fix, a quick solution, an easy technique

  • Unwilling or reluctant to feel your pain

  • More interested in an intellectual understanding than a feeling-based one

  • Unable to commit to a consistent schedule and number of sessions necessary to lay a foundation for the work

  • Uninterested in paying attention to your assigned focus in between sessions

Q. Specifically, what will I learn in these sessions?

A. You will learn how to

  • Diminish the power the outside world has on you

  • Feel reality, within yourself

  • Stop looking outside yourself for validation

  • Initiate from a calm, quiet, confident place inside yourself

  • Be present

  • Become previous to draining, dramatic, and/or violent situations, and so, not engage them

  • Distinguish between your desires and what will truly serve you

  • Identify where your choices are coming from, i.e., what your motivation for any given choice is

  • Avoid entangling relationships or situations

  • Determine whether a given desire is beneficial or not

Q. How will my life be different from doing these sessions?

A. Here are some results others have reported:

  • Less drama from entanglements, and fewer confrontations

  • More awareness of when I’m setting up or acting from a victim mentality

  • Feeling of being in charge of my life

  • Clearer on why I’m here

  • Greater vitality, more relaxed, happier, calmer

  • More self-confidence

  • Greater intimacy

  • Enhanced capacity to concentrate on the matter at hand

  • The ability to connect with others in a long-forgotten way

Q. How does a session work best?

A. A couple of logistics that help the process:

  • Meeting at a regular time each week until we’ve developed a foundation and a healthy trajectory

  • A land line rather than a cell phone for a steady connection

  • A willilngness to take a break from phone sessions when one is called for

Q. How do I know which would be better for me, a phone session or a treatment?

A. If you live too far away to come in for treatments, phone sessions are a great choice. The dispositional healing work we do on the phone helps you release your disposition. As it lessens its grip, your overall state of health improves. In people who do the phone sessions, I have seen huge gains in confidence, often more quickly than happens in treatments. It’s a confidence in who they are and that they now have the tools to support themselves in their healing. 

Q. What if I need to cancel a phone session appointment I’ve already made?

A. Contact our office at least 24 hours in advance. Lesser notice requires payment for the session.