Stuart Bernstein is a gifted, intuitive, and eminently compassionate therapist who draws on a wealth of wisdom and experience with amazing results. Clients will feel nurtured and secure as he addresses and heals both symptoms and underlying causes.
— E. Blades
I’ve been a client of Stuart’s for many years. Through both acupuncture treatments and phone sessions, he has gently guided me back to center as my healing has deepened. He has a unique approach and works towards healing root causes rather than treating symptoms only. Stuart has helped me through numerous life challenges – working through dispositional tendencies and helping me to heal emotionally and spiritually
as well as physically.
— T. Jensen
If you’ve come to the end of the road and feel like you you can’t cope with the way your life is anymore, Stuart Bernstein’s work is for you. If you are willing to take the risk, Mr. Bernstein can help you heal yourself. Before finding Stuart, I saw numerous acupuncturists in Boulder and other parts of the country. All helped me in some way, but none seemed to really understand the connection between physical symptoms, life history and emotional well-being. If you truly want to take your life back and live freely and happily while conquering physical illness, than this is the place. I have seen Stuart at the times when my body and soul were at their lowest, and have always come out the other side
healthier and happier. Take the risk. It’s worth it.
— T. Bogard
Little lies, told as life lessons and stories, build up day after day, year after year. Without alternatives, they don’t seem like lies, they just seem off. But hearing them often enough I numbingly, implicitly start to accept them. “Just push through it”, “try harder”, “doctor knows best”, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. My culture’s
compass points to impossible promises and the valor of sacrifice.

Slowly, gently, Stuart has exposed the lifetime of stories for what they are — pathways to sacrifice and suffering. But more importantly, he has helped me see paths that I would have previously dismissed. Paths that truly serve myself, my family, and my community. Thank you.
— J. Friesen